The Art Gallery

Art is a mixed emotion and feelings.

Let's Make Painting Using Beautiful Colors!

Paintings depict the inner emotions of an individual. If you're a fan, then visit us

Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch to utmost perfection is what we possess in our collection.

Water Painting

An art form that is forgotten in the recent century and we're bringing it back to life.

Scratch Painting

One of the best to portray the skills of an artist

Glass Painting

Hang our glass painting work on your wall for decor and enjoy the blissfulness

Collage Painting

A technique that utilizes the assemblage of various images in one single portrait.

Looking for Art?

Are you an art fanatic who’s looking for the best collection? Don’t waste time elsewhere. If you have your own are and want it printed we suggest using Personalized By Kate for all your art needs.

Art Fairs & Galleries

We conduct the best art fairs galleries for all the art lovers to relish.

Browsing Online

You can find our best pieces of work by browsing online as well.

Art Exhibition

Find our best pieces and collection by visiting our exhibition.

Offline Shops

Do you see something you like? Then find yourself our offline shop and take some pieces home.

Pencil sketch​
Collage paintings​

Customer Review

Find out what our customers have to say about us.

The painting collections are out of the world.
Virginia C Novak
Their art exhibition comprises of some of the best pieces.
Antonio C Taylor
I bought a beautiful pencil sketch home, and everyone loves it.
Mary R Hawks
I love the idea of offline shops.
Nancy E Dykstra
brush, chalk, color
Colors Make a Beautiful Art

What We Do?

We make art, and we make you happy.

Visit our art gallery and take a glimpse of our collection.

Everything, just on one platform.

Displaying your work from a certified artist.

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Art of Living

Find a reason to relish and live! Special thanks to junk removal springfield mo for cleaning out our space to help setup our store.