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The Best Art Colleges From Around the World

Pursuing a career in arts has always brought forward interest, passion, and the will to move forward. Thanks to that, people are always on the lookout for colleges that can upgrade their knowledge and make them real artists. While a number of colleges are present worldwide, only a few stand out to be the best. So to help you out and to complete your search, here are the best art colleges from around the world.

Royal College of Art (United Kingdom)

The Royal College of Art is easily the world’s oldest art and design university in operation. Thanks to their global success, people from all over the place tend to come here and experience the real phenomenon of art. With a tradition of innovative methods and other such practices, this particular institution has been in service since 1837. From graduate courses to postgraduate courses and diploma courses, the college offers a lot more than you could expect. Due to all that, you need to try your luck with this prestigious institution.

Royal College of Art

Parsons School of Design at The New School (United States)

Located in New York, Parsons School of Design at The New School is another college that enables artists for the future. Their elaborate courses and valuable learning mechanism have always encouraged students to understand society and take their art forward. Moreover, they also push students to collaborate with industry peers and partners to further explore their art and study the different aspects that it has to offer. One in particular is art utilizing stencils. As a result, Parsons School of Design at The New School is another one you can trust.

University of the Arts London (United Kingdom)

A well-established university that has always changed the narrative to evolve new practices and help students to a large extent is the perfect description that talks about the University of the Arts London. With different types of courses and other leading factors of change, the university adopts its practices and puts them into use. Thanks to that, studying at the University of the Arts London will be a big boost to your career, and you need to understand it.

University of the Arts London

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

With a motto like “Mind and Hand,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is a famous college that is bound to take you forward and help you excel in the field of arts. Their programs and courses have all been termed as a creative path to attain your passion. So why would one not want to pursue the same? So leave it all aside and look into the many options that MIT places forward for your career. Hence, those were the best art colleges from around the world.

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