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Ceramic Sculpture

    Shaun Parkin 1976 Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingom
    Ceramics -- Figure (Surrealism)


Shaun Parkin My Art

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    Creatures and characters ceramic sculpture
    A range of engaging ceramics exploring the hidden narrative of creatures and characters

    In addition to Ceramics Figure Surrealism artwork, Shaun Parkin also works in the following:
    Media: Ceramics
    Genres: Fantasy
    Styles: Surrealism

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Shaun Parkin Statement

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      Shaun has worked as a designer, maker and educator for the past 20 years, continually honing his skills as a sculptor working in clay. The fluidity and organic nature of this medium allows the development of ideas to continue throughout the process of creation. This freedom is fundamental to his search for the character and subtle nuances of form which reveal themselves as the relationship between maker and creation develops. These creations are revealed through playful ceramic sculptures engaging an audience through the exploration of character and narrative. Extensive experience working with fibreglass on both large and small scale projects has also proven invaluable in capturing these creations in a durable and functional form. Performing as a street theatre artist has also served to inform his creation of costumes and structures that allow theatrical performers to perform and engage with their audience.

    Shaun Parkin Contact Information

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      Shaun Parkin
      Shaun Parkin

      Work Phone: 07973814079


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    Created on: 06/22/2017
    Updated on: 06/22/2017

    Shaun Parkin | Ceramic Sculpture | Ceramics
    Creatures and characters ceramic sculpture The original art of Shaun Parkin, featuring figure, surrealism ceramics

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