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Newfoundland Sculptor

    Gerard John Kelly Sept. 1960-has yet to occur Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada


Gerard John Kelly My Art

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    Newfoundland marble, bronze, wood sculptures

    In addition to Sculpture artwork, Gerard John Kelly also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Gerard John Kelly Statement

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      Gerard Kelly Artist Statement
      The sea and the place where it meets the land have always held a fascination for me. I continue my exploration of objects that I find on the beaches of Newfoundland. My previous exhibition, titled Washed Up, focused on those objects of flotsam and jetsam we walk by and give little attention to. I retrieve these objects during my walks along the beaches, and in the studio I carve and cast sculptures that are based on their forms and their history. This process is representative of our shore lines, with its naturally polished, wave-action rounded stones. Our shore lines are lined with the discarded, lost, and dying husks of past. I believe we need to look at everything with open eyes, and approach these objects as metaphor and analogy. I leave the conclusions to the viewer. The ?Washed Up? body of works uses as a referent those objects we might find washed up on any beach any where. I think these pieces reflect both nature and human nature. They are natural in their relation to the referent, and yet are man made objects, that have been manipulated and contextualized so as to achieve a response from a viewer.

    Gerard John Kelly Contact Information

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    Created on: 03/16/2004
    Updated on: 03/09/2006

    Gerard John Kelly | Sculpture | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Corner Brook, Canada artist, Gerard Kelly, featuring sculpture.

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