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Utopia Displaced

    Alan Heuer 1958 Albuquerque, NM, USA
    Oil Painting -- Apocalyptic


Alan Heuer My Art

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    In addition to Oil Painting Apocalyptic artwork, Alan Heuer also works in the following:
    Styles: Surrealism

Alan Heuer Statement

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      WAR IS PEACE by Alan Heuer, oils on canvas 54" x 54" $65K

      Contact Art West Studio in Santa Fe for purchase inquires or to arrange a viewing.


      In her Taos New's Tempo review of the Taos Open, Virginia L. Clark gave an apt though not quite accurate assessment of Alan Heuer's painting "War Is Peace" as a potential end-time scenario. In fact the painting is meant as a reminder of George Orwell's warning of perpetual war and the current mood in Washington and their use of terrorism to nurture fear and push their own political agenda.

      The blackened towers of the World Trade Center obviously represent the initial attack on our country. The burning oil wells represent how we have been distracted in Iraq from a bigger danger: nuclear proliferation--powerfully represented in Alan Heuer's painting by the mushroom cloud, and the fact that it's threat does lie in our own backyard as evidenced by the Gorge and Taos mountain done in negative repose.

      Perhaps, the most visceral part of my painting is it's color scheme, "Martian red" and black, colors often associated with power, anger and hate, incidentally the colors of the Nazi Party. This reflects the eerie similarity between what happened in Germany prior to the rise of the Third Reich, and the similar use of fear in this country following terrorism to curtail some of our most fundamental rights. And although nuclear proliferation appears to be the dominant theme, this subtelty may be the painting's bleakest message.

      Case in point. Even in an art community as open as Taos there was rumor that the painting might not be hung at the Taos Open because of it's political theme. In the end it was.

      October 2004

    Alan Heuer Contact Information

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      Art West
      Art West Studio

      112 W. San Francisco Street
      Santa Fe, Nm, US 87501


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    Art West Studio
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    Alan Heuer | Utopia Displaced | Oil Painting
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Albuquerque, New Mexico artist, Alan Heuer, featuring apocalyptic, oil painting.

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