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Englishman in New York

    Toby Haynes East Hampton, NY, USA
    Painting -- Nature (Representational)


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    A Closer Look
    Uncompromisingly figurative work. Not so much fleeting impressions as what lies beneath them. Even a simple lamb or apple is abuzz with cultural and personal references.

    In addition to Painting Nature Representational artwork, Toby Haynes also works in the following:
    Media: Oil Painting, Painting, Pastel, Watercolor
    Genres: Figure, Landscape, Life Drawing, Portraiture, Seascape, Still Life
    Styles: Classical, Illustration, Photo Realism

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Toby Haynes Statement

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      My father was a signwriter, and I grew up surrounded by the smell of paint & turpentine; I have early memories of climbing ladders & scaffolding to help him work on rooftop signs or the panelled sides of heavy goods vehicles. Health & Safety would have been horrified. Although I went on to read German & Philosophy at Oxford, it was probably inevitable that I would end up as a painter. My work is uncompromisingly figurative, but varied in stylistic treatment, content, & medium. No picture ever turns out exactly as originally conceived: I am not in control of the process, nor would I want to be. It is the journey that is interesting. I will change my technique or the colours on my palette if it starts to feel too familiar & comfortable. The materials & subject have a say in what becomes of them, and painting is always a form of negotiation or collaboration between us. I am not so much interested in fleeting impressions as in what lies beneath them: everything we see is full of cultural & personal references, just as words are to a poet; and I want to tap into that ? an ostensibly simple lamb or apple is abuzz with symbolism. But images must also ultimately have a life of their own, and make their own connection with the viewer without exegesis, independently of the artist.

    Toby Haynes Contact Information

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    Created on: 03/23/2015
    Updated on: 03/24/2015

    Toby Haynes | Englishman in New York | Painting
    A Closer Look The original art of Toby Haynes, featuring nature, representational painting

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