Nikolai V Kuzmin | Nikolai Kuzmin is a Russian painter born in 1938. | Oil Painting


Nikolai Kuzmin is a Russian painter born in 1938.

    Nikolai V Kuzmin 1938 Moscow, Russia
    Oil Painting -- Landscape


Nikolai V Kuzmin My Art

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    A figurative artist painting Russia and the West from real life, with impressionnist, expressionnist and fauvist hues.
    Nikolai V. Kuzmin was born in 1938, in a peasant family on the banks of the river Volga, not far from Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. He studied in the Stroganovka Academy of Arts in Moscow and joined the Muscovite Union of Artists in 1991.
    In the middle of the 90's, Nikolai Kuzmin started travelling, painting and having exhibitions all over Europe (England, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, France). For many years Nikolai Kuzmin has presented his work outside of Russia, especially in France, in museums, in galleries and at other exhibitions places together with other artists, such as Grand Palais des Champs Elysées.

    In addition to Oil Painting Landscape artwork, Nikolai V Kuzmin also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Collage, Drypoint, Oil Painting, Painting, Painting, Watercolor
    Genres: Abstract, Allegory, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Drawing, Feminine, Figurative Abstraction, Figure, Interiors, Landscape, Life Drawing, Nature, Portraiture, Spiritual, Still Life, Visionary, Western, Western Landscape
    Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Impressionism, Representational, Representational Abstraction, Representational Expressionism, Symbolism

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Nikolai V Kuzmin Statement

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      In my childhood I was fond of art most of all in the world. I've been carrying the passion for drawing and the dream of becoming a painter since I remember myself, since the first my mother's lessons when she held my hand in hers and drew a red apple with me on a sheet of paper.

      When I was a schoolboy I drew a lot and liked to read stories and fairy-tales about artists and art. I also collected post-cards with reproductions of paintings, painted and decorated toys and fragments of the dishes. Thanks to God there were many things of this kind in Nizhniy Novgorod region - the centre of such Russian traditional crafts as Khokhloma - style of paintings on wooden tableware, Maidana, Skan? ("metallic lace"), special blacksmith's crafts, icons.

      Decorated with paintings spinning-wheels, spoons, pots, wicker baskets, wooden village houses with carved decorative frames around the windows (casings), gates of these houses with carved wooden lions, maidens and suns, some small figures of dogs, hunters, horses and other toys cut by my father from cardboard, beautiful nature and majestic Oka river - that was the atmosphere of my childhood.

      Naturally, after school I entered the arts college of the old town of Pavlovo-on-Oka, where the wonderful people and masters, my tutors, developed my will to become an artist and prepared me for Stroganoff art academy in Moscow. I graduated from this academy in 1970.

      Studying the ancient Russian icon-painting and architecture, painting outside in the monasteries, in the old historical parts of Moscow and other towns, I search for the sources of art, its very beginning. For me it is the folk-art, the spirit of ancient creativity and attitude to the world, which I develop with contemporary means of painting, while continuing the tradition of Russian art.

      In each painting I try to express my gratitude for every moment of the reality that opens to me. From my very first painting exercises I search for the Inner Light - the light that connects me with reality.

      And now, after a long period of life and work I try to find the way to paint the beautiful blue sun on the light-azure and pearl-white sky.

      Immense spaces, light and freedom in search of beauty - are my ideals of painting.

      Nikolai Kuzmin

    Nikolai V Kuzmin Contact Information

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      Nikolai V Kuzmin

      Work Phone: +33620111163


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    Created on: 02/15/2017
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    Nikolai V Kuzmin | Nikolai Kuzmin is a Russian painter born in 1938. | Oil Painting
    A figurative artist painting Russia and the West from real life, with impressionnist, expressionnist and fauvist hues. The original art of Nikolai Kuzmin, featuring landscape, oil painting

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