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Drawings with digital enhancement

    Adam Cory Johnson 08/08/1984 Ishpeming, MI, USA
    Digital Art -- Figure (Contemporary)


Adam Cory Johnson My Art

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    The creation of life from within by means of expression.

    In addition to Digital Art Figure Contemporary artwork, Adam Cory Johnson also works in the following:
    Media: Charcoal

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Adam Cory Johnson Statement

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      The works that are derived from my soul is enjoyment of solitude and the studies of the world. The physics of structures associated with light reflection, defraction, mixed with the ungoverned world from inside myself. Come together in mere seconds to create forms on paper that last a lifetime. Much of my work is the study of structures in fine detail to a little more abstract. With a mere enjoyment of creating, I find myself totally focused on particular parts of the piece then the process of setting down my pieces for further analyzing. Sometimes my process is fast and furious while others are more enjoyable. So I take my time and enjoy the process. No piece of art is finished, but I do come to a conclusion within myself to not further endulge in the artwork at hand and except what has been created.

    Adam Cory Johnson Contact Information

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      Adam C Johnson
      602 Bank St
      Ishpeming, Mi, US 49849

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    Created on: 01/26/2009
    Updated on: 01/26/2009

    Adam Cory Johnson | Digital Art | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Ishpeming, Michigan artist, Adam Johnson, featuring figure, contemporary digital art.

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