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The Art of Emmanuel Romeo

    Emmanuel Romeo 1958 St-Sauveur Des Landes, France
    Photography -- Abstract (Abstract Expressionism)


Emmanuel Romeo My Art

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    Imaginary and abstract landscapes photography

    In addition to Photography Abstract Abstract Expressionism artwork, Emmanuel Romeo also works in the following:
    Genres: Fantasy, Landscape, Visionary
    Styles: Surrealism

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Emmanuel Romeo Statement

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      Emmanuel Romeo is a contemporary artist, but his photos are mainly timeless. This photographer, very inspired by fantastic and abstract art from the earliest days, draws essentially his ideas from natural environments, since they correspond the best with his taste for the romantic, the fantasy and the mystery. Came from a family of painters and photographers, the process which led him to transform himself into an art photographer in 2007, isn't completely fortuitous. His meeting with artworks of masters, some painters as Dado, Redon, Rops, Friedrich, Ensor, some engravers as Velly, Dürer, Bresdin, or some photographers as Giacomelli, Siskind, were necessary shocks that feeded his own work since years. Apart from its poetic aspect, one of the characteristic of his approach is the lack of interest for any fashions or waves. His artworks don't try to seduce. Emmanuel Romeo just prefer to listen this little voice that shall give up to him the essential confusion to the decision of a shot; the creative instant occuring only on the ground, as far as he is concerned. His artworks are, in part, reflection of his child dreams, full of magical stories or sci-fi. That's why it's not unusual that a single tree root, a shadow or a reflection in a pool, will recall troubling creatures, at the border of his memories and his unconscious. Numerous exhibitions to his credit since 2008, but also publications in the field of publishing, because this photographer take a particular pleasure to collaborate with writers.

    Emmanuel Romeo Contact Information

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      Emmanuel Romeo
      Romeo-de Louvigny

      Les Planches
      St-Sauveur Des Landes, France 35133

      Home Phone: +33 (0)9 82 49 74 45
      Work Phone: +33 (0)6 18 71 15 88

      Email: contact@emmanuelromeo.com
      Website: www.emmanuelromeo.com

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    Created on: 05/30/2016
    Updated on: 05/30/2016

    Emmanuel Romeo | The Art of Emmanuel Romeo | Photography
    Imaginary and abstract landscapes photography The original art of Emmanuel Romeo, featuring abstract, abstract expressionism photography

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