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    Robert P Rachel 1969 Lodz, Poland
    Sculpture -- Erotica (Realism)


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    Hand carved representational pieces in stone and wood.

    In addition to Sculpture Erotica Realism artwork, Robert P Rachel also works in the following:
    Media: Wood

Robert P Rachel Statement

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      I warmly welcome dear Internet surfers to my site devoted to my passion: carving in wood and stone.
      Since my childhood I have focused my interest on plastic
      arts. The force,I was not aware of, made me create human
      and animal clay figures, numerous drawings and my early
      kindergarten paintings through which I "communicated"
      with the people around me. This drive has always been in
      side me. I became conscious of my creative power - fortunately for me and the people around. The craving for love,beauty, harmony, creation, peace, communication etc,..etc, has been expressed in one sentence: The desires have been accumulated and the art has brought the fulfilment.
      My most appreciated masters from the past, are Michelangelo from Italy and a Frenchman Auguste Rodin. Although both the gentlemen are deceased,I constantly keep in touch with them through the masterpieces they left behind. Their works of art constitute my artistic incentive and give me strength for future activities, and the subjects of my artistic doings are human beings and their emotions...

    Robert P Rachel Contact Information

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    Created on: 02/04/2006
    Updated on: 12/26/2009

    Robert P Rachel | Sculpture | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Lodz, Poland artist, Robert Rachel, featuring erotica, realism sculpture.

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