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    Xiao Zheng Beijing, China
    Painting -- Portraiture (Symbolism)


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    Empress Xiao Xian Chun Qing Dynasty Original painting watercolor

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Xiao Zheng Statement

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      New collectable watercolor painting of Empress Xiao Xian Chun of the Qing Dynasty 1616 - 1911. This painting was designed by the famous Chinese artist Xiao Zheng. Xiao Zheng is known thought-out Beijing as one of the most talented artist in China. One of his paintings is featured at the Forbidden City Museum. He has been commissioned to create wonderful works of art such as memorials, large portraits and many beautiful montages. This painting would look wonderful anywhere in your household, restaurant or in your office. Notice the details of this awesome painting. The colors are so bright and vivid! The artwork is truly exquisite; from the detail of the Empress dress and the beautiful gold design of her throne. The phoenix patterns and the floor pattern design alone shows the artistic talent and uniqueness of this painting. This painting is sure to be one of Xiao Zheng's greatest works and worth having as a collectable art piece. A true representation of Historical Chinese artwork. To bid for this item go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=551&item=3725988366

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      Christopher S Stevenson

      234 Rose Street
      Freeport, China 11520

      Home Phone: 516-608-0550

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    Created on: 05/27/2004
    Updated on: 03/09/2015

    Xiao Zheng | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Beijing artist, Xiao Zheng, featuring portraiture, symbolism painting.

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