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    Christopher Brennan 1959 Alton, IL, USA
    Oil Painting -- Architecture (Realism)


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    Gallery of urban and natural landscapes inspired by the midwest.
    Oil paintings of urban cityscapes, natural landscapes, and quiet interiors.

    In addition to Oil Painting Architecture Realism artwork, Christopher Brennan also works in the following:
    Genres: Interiors, Landscape

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Christopher Brennan Statement

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      As a painter living and working in the midwestern U.S. - mostly St. Louis, MO and Alton, IL - I have found much of the unassuming urban and natural landscape to be a satisfying source of imagery to express a contemplative and introspective content in my paintings. The play of light and shadow takes on a dominant role in my work, and it is this aspect that I owe to my interest in the American painter Edward Hopper. I have also been significantly influenced by the geometric compositions of Richard Diebenkorn and the mysticism of Georgio de Chirico. Interestingly, many viewers comment on the sense of familiarity derived from my paintings; often they will say that they are sure they have been to this place, or that this building looks like a place they previously lived, etc. In fact, most of my paintings are constructed from a variety of sources and are compilations of numerous elements, and so are mostly invented. I think that these scenes simultaneously exist nowhere and everywhere. I have been exhibiting my work in non-profit, commercial, and institutional venues since the 1980s and have been teaching art at the collegiate level for 17 years. My work is part of numerous private, corporate, and institutional collections including those of the Mulvane Art Museum (Topeka, KS), the Beach Museum of Art (Manhattan, KS), Sprint Corporation (Kansas City), US Bank (St. Louis), and others.

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    Created on: 10/02/2016
    Updated on: 10/02/2016

    Christopher Brennan | Brennan Art Studio | Oil Painting
    Gallery of urban and natural landscapes inspired by the midwest. The original art of Christopher Brennan, featuring architecture, realism oil painting

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