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Arlette Steenmans

    Arlette Steenmans 1958 Puimichel, France
    Painting -- Nature (Realism)


Arlette Steenmans My Art

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    Animals and insects provide most of the inspiration

    In addition to Painting Nature Realism artwork, Arlette Steenmans also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Arlette Steenmans Statement

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      Her deep love of nature explains why animals and often insects, occur in many of her paintings, sometimes as a way of catching the eye, sometimes as an enigmatic detail. We often see strange worlds in the paintings-such as frogs presented as observers-with lifelike animals in unreal scenery. Sometimes the spectator's eye is deceived by a masterly trompe-l'oeil. Some pictures are constructed to include their environment in unexpected ways, for example, the picture involving a shirt and a clothes hanger. Due to the pinpoint-sharp detail of the painting, combined with its ingenuity, its originality and the whimsical nature of the imagination, the artwork of Arlette Steenmans is highly distinctive

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    Created on: 01/18/2000
    Updated on: 06/22/2007

    Arlette Steenmans | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Puimichel, France artist, Arlette Steenmans, featuring nature, realism painting.

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