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    Peter Shulman 1937 New York, NY, USA
    Painting (Realism)


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    Modern Hard Edged Realism

    In addition to Painting Realism artwork, Peter Shulman also works in the following:
    Genres: Western
    Styles: Misc.

Peter Shulman Statement

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      Of my more than 2000 works on canvas a large number have horses and carousel horses as the subject matter.
      I am a concept painter. The subjects for my work start in my mind. It can take several years from the inception of a concept to its actually being drawn on canvas. What I hope to achieve is to stimulate the viewers enough to begin reflective thought. Whether they like the work or not is a matter of personal taste. If they have stopped, looked and thought, then I have achieved my goal.
      My style of painting is my own. I have never taken an art class so my methods and color sense come solely from within me. Each painting begins as a very detailed drawing. As I paint, I remove unnecessary detail to reveal the hard, central core of the subject.
      After I finish each piece of work, a wonderful moment occurs. I stand back and think 'WOW I actually created this.' There is a combined physical and mental feeling of joy that cannot be adequately put into words but many artists feel it. If that moment ever stops coming, I'll stop painting.

    Peter Shulman Contact Information

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      Peter Shulman
      Moon Shadow Farm
      PO Box 591

      Richmondville, Ny, US 12149

      Home Phone: 5188278121
      Work Phone: 5188278121


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    Created on: 04/20/2007
    Updated on: 04/20/2007

    Peter Shulman | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils New York, New York artist, Peter Shulman, featuring realism painting.

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