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    Inga Vereshchagina 1966 Kansas City, MO, USA
    Mixed Media -- Allegory (Abstract Expressionism)


Inga Vereshchagina My Art

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    Original artwork & prints by Inga Vereshchagina, see paintings, drawings , abstract, erotic, fantasy art.

    In addition to Mixed Media Allegory Abstract Expressionism artwork, Inga Vereshchagina also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Inga Vereshchagina Statement

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      Inga excels in a diversity of mediums and styles. She particularly loves to paint and draw flowers but is very talented with many other subject matters including fantasy. She has drawn pen and ink, is proficient in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil and mixed techniques. She has also done several pieces in various techniques of etching and monotype. Inga has had exhibits throughout Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany and Israel. Also available: commissioned murals, portraits and other artwork.

      Although I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and claim that country as my birth home, I consider myself to be an individual free of the bonds of formal citizenship. I am free and prefer to live as a citizen of the world. I draw power and energy from the entire world around me and transfer this energy to paper and canvas in an effort to share with others what I have seen, heard and felt. I believe there are powers beyond our immediate environment and ourselves, and that it influences us in ways of which we are not aware. I believe that we all contain a world within ourselves that is separate from the physical world we are all familiar with. I have experienced this world within myself and am very happy to be able to share it with others through the influence of my art. I am pleased that many people enjoy my work and it makes their life brighter and more fulfilled. I have seen people look at my work and leave with a sense of desire to rise to greater heights of accomplishment themselves. This for me is the greater reward.

    Inga Vereshchagina Contact Information

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      Inga Vereshchagina
      Sunqueen Art, Inc.

      P.O. Box 973
      Smithville, Mo, US 64089

      Home Phone: 816-716-9045
      Work Phone: 816-716-9045


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    Created on: 09/06/2004
    Updated on: 10/13/2004

    Inga Vereshchagina | Mixed Media | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Kansas City, Missouri artist, Inga Vereshchagina, featuring allegory, abstract expressionism mixed media.

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