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Diane L. Keister's Art Gallery Sensuous Sensations 1 series

    Diane L. Keister 1954 , USA
    Multi-disciplinary -- Feminine (Representational Expressionism)


Diane L. Keister My Art

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    Abstract representational expressionism of sensual insights of female personal experiences, intermingling the physical and psychological.

    In addition to Multi-disciplinary Feminine Representational Expressionism artwork, Diane L. Keister also works in the following:
    Styles: Misc.

Diane L. Keister Statement

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      Diane L. Keister's unique fine art paintings and drawings, abstract representational expressionisms, of her sensual insights about her personal experiences of female sexuality. They intermingles her physical, emotional, spiritual and imaginational being. Her Gallery-SS1 exhibit features her Sensuous Sensations 1 series. Her painting "PMS" depicts experiences of PMS: blue face conveys the depressed emotions, abdominal and breast are swollen.

    Diane L. Keister Contact Information

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 11/11/1999
    Updated on: 01/22/2007

    Diane L. Keister | Multi-disciplinary | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils artist, Diane Keister, featuring feminine, representational expressionism multi-disciplinary.

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