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    K. Joann Russell Tacoma, WA, USA
    Painting -- Landscape (Representational)


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    colorful original paintings to inspire and enhance decor

    In addition to Painting Landscape Representational artwork, K. Joann Russell also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Painting, Pastel, Watercolor
    Genres: Landscape, Nature, Seascape
    Styles: Impressionism, Representational

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K. Joann Russell Statement

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      A lifelong artist, K. Joann Russell drew with pencil and pen, painted with pastels, worked in fiber arts, and carved leather as a young girl. Raised in a family with both parents having artistic background acquainted her with a variety of expressions of art from architecture to fashion design. Her childhood recollection of seeing for the first time the mosaic on the front of the Stanford University chapel, all those pieces of color making a picture, still influences her art. Also, her experiences in quilting and tapestry help her focus on design elements, especially color shapes. Because of her science background she often chooses an up-close viewpoint for her paintings, seeing the incredible beauty and interrelatedness of nature at one's feet and suggesting to others to take more time to stop to smell the flowers.Her paintings, most of all, speak visual words of encouragement and joy through the beauty of God's creation around us. After undergraduate and graduate study in chemistry and work in teaching and research, Ms. Russell completed an additional major in interior design and a minor in art.In addition, she studied studio art with northwest artists Carl Hall, Nelson Sandgren, L. James Kirk, among others. Her work has been included in many juried shows and selected for numerous private and corporate collections. She continues to work in more than one medium for the spontaneity it gives her. Landscapes rather than flowers were her principal subject matter until an art professor suggested she paint everything in her backyard! Flowers in strong colors and design were the result. Her paintings of horses, cattle, and rural scenes flow from her family's ranch life experiences. Often she also paints ocean and water scenes for their tranquility and yet constant change. Currently living close to the waters of Puget Sound in Washington state gives her opportunity to enjoy daily the beauty of its scenery. Well known for her signature image of a sunflower she thoroughly enjoys creating paintings of them. She had never painted them nor considered painting them until one year Blue Jay birds planted the seeds in her yard. She didn't even have a bird feeder to supply the seeds, and they hadn't voluntarily planted sunflowers in previous years. Her strong sense of design and imagery as visual words attracted her to the sunflower. Often, she includes a reference note to a biblical quote in Mark 4:30 "...what image shall we use to describe it (the kingdom of God)?" which is the inspiration for all of her art.

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    Created on: 11/07/2001
    Updated on: 02/13/2015

    K. Joann Russell | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Tacoma, Washington artist, K. Joann Russell, featuring landscape, representational painting.

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