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Jill Price Studios

    Jill A Price 1969 Barrie, Ontario, USA
    Mixed Media -- Landscape (Constructivism)


Jill A Price My Art

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    Canadian Artist, Educator, Writer & Curator

    In addition to Mixed Media Landscape Constructivism artwork, Jill A Price also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Collage, Drypoint, Fabric, Ink, Oil Painting, Painting, Painting, Pencil, Printmaking, Watercolor
    Genres: Abstract, Documentary, Drawing, Figurative Abstraction, ink, Landscape, Life Drawing, Mixed, Narrative
    Styles: Conceptual, Constructivism, Illustration, Surrealism

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Jill A Price Statement

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      Statement Not ProvideThrough my work I ask many questions and play at multiple mediums. Often interweaving photography and paint with traditional craft methods, my mixed media approach empowers me to mend, layer and edit compositions while helping me to communicate my message through materiality. This approach also honours the various energies required to express or find sanctity in a world where truth is both elusive and manipulated. ​ Somewhat of a storyteller, whether autobiographical or make believe, my work often celebrates the landscape tradition through the juxtaposition of nostalgic iconography or historical references against current images of our surroundings. This layering of visual language stems from a desire to document or map the transitions of our rapidly changing environment and my movement through it as a living marker of the human condition. ​ At times incorporating text, I strategically offer hints or notations on the realities I witness and my role midst it. Astutely aware that my observations are personal, I attempt to identify global or universal entities that might serve to connect us, while presenting non-linear narratives that play with the ideas of context, reality and the perception of both. Visit my yearly links to see how my work has evolved over the years.d

    Jill A Price Contact Information

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      Jill Price
      Jill Price Studios

      Home Phone: 7052295211

      Email: jillpricestudios@gmail.com
      Website: www.jillpricestudios.ca

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    Created on: 07/05/2015
    Updated on: 07/12/2015

    Jill A Price | Jill Price Studios | Mixed Media
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Barrie, artist, Jill Price, featuring landscape, constructivism mixed media.

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