David O'connor | The landscape art of David O'Connor | Acrylic Painting


The landscape art of David O'Connor

    David O'connor 1959 Warminster, United Kingdom
    Acrylic Painting -- Landscape (Representational Abstraction)


David O'connor My Art

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    Contempory British Landscape Paintings
    Contempory British landscapes inspired by Wiltshire and Dorset

    In addition to Acrylic Painting Landscape Representational Abstraction artwork, David O'connor also works in the following:
    Media: Film, Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

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David O'connor Statement

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      I am a landscape artist who works in a wide range of media. From painting to large-scale installations. I also produce sculpture, photography and films. My interest lies in history, memory and place. I live in the English County of Wiltshire and was brought up on the Wirral peninsular in Cheshire. My work embodies a sense of history and reflection relating to these two places.

    David O'connor Contact Information

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      David O'Connor

      Email: david@davidoconnor.co.uk

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    Created on: 04/03/2016
    Updated on: 04/03/2016

    David O'connor | The landscape art of David O'Connor | Acrylic Painting
    Contempory British Landscape Paintings The original art of David O'connor, featuring landscape, representational abstraction acrylic painting

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