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Vincenzo Balsamo

    Vincenzo Balsamo 1935 Corchiano (Vt), Italy
    Oil Painting -- Interiors (Representational Abstraction)


Vincenzo Balsamo My Art

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    Since 1987 began the "Lyric abstraction", the sign, the color and the light are made up among them as if they would peer into the human "I".

    In addition to Oil Painting Interiors Representational Abstraction artwork, Vincenzo Balsamo also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Etching, Lithography, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Painting, Watercolor
    Genres: Geometric, Interiors, Landscape, Nature, Spiritual, Still Life
    Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Cubism, Representational Abstraction, Surrealism, Visionary

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Vincenzo Balsamo Statement

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      The sign, the light and the colour are the main elements of my art. To me, painting is like playing a sort of expressive game, it is an operation that I perform under the sign of grace and lightness. The images come out from a dream that could be called "The place where the geometric lines and imagination live together". The sign outlines the form, the colour connotes the emotional field, the light dematerializes the vision that appears unobjective just apparently. <BR><BR> Thanks to my Mediterranean origins, I have discovered the beauty of the light and the infinity of the black line that separates the sky and the sea at the horizon. All of those elements have a deep, inner, mystical and philosophical value. <BR><BR> In my works lives a part of myself, an inspiring emotion: a dream or a thought, the past or the present, a song, classical or modern music or simply the eternal emotion of the waves. <BR><BR> My hand seems to be guided by a "superior" willing, I paint in symbiosis with the canvas, while the external world becomes extraneous to me... My ideas are expressed as a synthesis and I immortalize my memories on the painted surfaces so that the observer's interpretation can bring them to life. <BR><BR> My artworks could contain messages, but I prefer to leave each visitor free to see and to feel what he wants and prefers. To me, the first point is not to leave a particular message, but to create an emotion and I am really happy when someone tells me that a picture of mine has given him a vivid emotion. <BR><BR> ...Maybe I paint what we know to be existing, but we do not really see or touch, in form of synthesis and actual thought. Light is life. I always find new and insightful stimuli in the light and the luminescence is the way to enter into my world through a complete participation. <BR><BR> I love to use the oil on canvas technique, but I also paint using tempera and/or watercolours on paper. <BR><BR> I like painting etchings, too. After printing, I paint with watercolours many of my etchings.

    Vincenzo Balsamo Contact Information

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      Vincenzo Balsamo
      Vincenzo Balsamo's General Archive

      Via Civita Castellana, 81
      Corchiano (Vt), Italy 01030

      Work Phone: +390761573246


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    Updated on: 01/29/2015

    Vincenzo Balsamo | Oil Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Corchiano (Vt) artist, Vincenzo Balsamo, featuring interiors, representational abstraction oil painting.

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