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    Bruce Black 1970 Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Watercolor -- Abstract (Abstract Expressionism)


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    Contemporary paintings and prints. Yes you can afford great art!
    Bruce Black Art, showcases the paintings of artist, Bruce Black. These colorful and spiritual abstract paintings are perfect for any modern or contemporary decor.
    Bruce Black's artwork is collected nationally and internationally and is housed in both private and public collections. Shop with confidence at Bruce Black Art.

    In addition to Watercolor Abstract Abstract Expressionism artwork, Bruce Black also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Painting, Painting, Pencil
    Genres: Southwest, Spiritual
    Styles: Conceptual

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Bruce Black Statement

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      The "Written Picture" project is a series of abstract paintings that I have been working on for almost a year now. The series began with my idea to paint a book, capturing the essence of ancient texts in an abstract and contemporary manner. I paint dashes moving from left to right, mimicking text. The overall feeling of these paintings is of a busy space that somehow still remains quiet and ordered. I mean for them to transformative and spiritual, while remaining mysteriously ambivalent. You must come to them without judgement or preconceptions and experience them as visual phenomena. Think of them as symphonies for the eye. Mostly, they have been done in watercolor, but recently I have begun creating some larger pieces using acrylic paints.

    Bruce Black Contact Information

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 11/21/2017
    Updated on: 11/21/2017

    Bruce Black | Bruce Black Art | Watercolor
    Contemporary paintings and prints. Yes you can afford great art! The original art of Bruce Black, featuring abstract, abstract expressionism watercolor

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