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    John Alderman 1/22/61 Canon City, CO, USA
    Oil Painting -- Nature (Representational Expressionism)


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    A painter and sculptor of marble and bronze. Considered by many the artist?s artist.

John Alderman Statement

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      "John Alderman is a multifaceted, naturally gifted artist," says E. Alan Miller, publisher of the on-line magazine, Seasons-Quarterly. "He's an enlightened visionary who will forever be a part of the American culture.A painter of murals and portraits, Alderman is also a marble and bronze sculptor. "I prefer working in timeless media that will leave a lasting impression," he says. His Studio is located in Canon City, Colorado, where he choose to live near the source of stone he sculpts as well as some of the finest bronze foundries in the nation.Internationally known, Alderman has created pieces for clients all over the world.

    John Alderman Contact Information

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      John Alderman
      Alderman Studios

      418 Main St.
      Canon City, Co, US 81212

      Work Phone: 719 276-6817


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    Created on: 11/26/2000
    Updated on: 11/18/2011

    John Alderman | Oil Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Canon City, Colorado artist, John Alderman, featuring nature, representational expressionism oil painting.

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