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Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art

    Rebecca Starr Kemp 08/29/69 Salem, NH, USA
    Acrylic Painting -- Wildlife (Realism)


Rebecca Starr Kemp My Art

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    Realistic wildlife and fantasy paintings and illustrations

    In addition to Acrylic Painting Wildlife Realism artwork, Rebecca Starr Kemp also works in the following:
    Media: Color

Rebecca Starr Kemp Statement

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      For as long as I can remember I've always loved science and nature. I've always had pets, and those of us who has grown up with them know you learn so much from them. I've also always loved space (ya' know, the big black stuff up there when the big bright thing goes away...). When I was very little, I used to study the stars and planets. I found out about constellations and the mythological stories behind them. When I found that a lot of it pertained to animals - BINGO! - that's when the love for fantasy and wildlife bloomed.

    Rebecca Starr Kemp Contact Information

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      Becky S Kemp
      Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art

      10 Fairmont Rd
      Salem, Nh, US 03079

      Home Phone: (603) 893-7514
      Work Phone: (603) 893-7514


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    Created on: 01/26/2000
    Updated on: 03/15/2006

    Rebecca Starr Kemp | Acrylic Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Salem, New Hampshire artist, Rebecca Kemp, featuring wildlife, realism acrylic painting.

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