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David Munroe Abstract Artist

    David Munroe 1983 Glasgow, Scotland, Uk
    Mixed Media -- Abstract (Abstract Expressionism)


David Munroe My Art

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    Modern & Contemporary Abstract Art by David Munroe
    Scottish abstract & Industrial Artist David Munroe's Original paintings on Canvas

    In addition to Mixed Media Abstract Abstract Expressionism artwork, David Munroe also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Collage, Etching, Ink, Metal, Mixed Media, Mixed Organic, Multi-disciplinary, Multi-disciplinary (2Dim), Oil Painting, Painting, Painting, Pastel, Pencil, Photography, Watercolor
    Genres: Abstract, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Landscape, Mixed
    Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Constructivism, Expressionism, Minimalism, Representational, Representational Abstraction, Representational Expressionism

David Munroe Statement

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      I grew up in Glasgow, Inspired by the great art and industrial architecture of the city including the well known Glasgow School of Art and and the beautiful rural buildings within the city. After finishing my art education i have been working from my studio creating my paintings and have concentrated my work into three distinctive styles. Abstract, Industrial & Above the Earth.
      I'm very much influenced by the environment and the natural world, the oceans and the atmosphere we live in and try to keep that connection with the artwork i create by using carefully considered and environmentally friendly materials as much as i possibly can and i hope that my artwork can be seen to not only be inspired by nature but respectful of it too.
      Paintings from my Industrial Series are created with a large assortment of materials that i have experimented with over the years and are manipulated using extreme temperatures to create striking and complex Industrial paintings that show the raw beauty that exists in the natural environment from where they were inspired.

    David Munroe Contact Information

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      David Munroe
      David Munroe Art

      Work Phone: 07934034128

      Email: dmunroe83@yahoo.com
      Website: www.davidmunroeart.com

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    Created on: 02/27/2016
    Updated on: 02/29/2016

    David Munroe | David Munroe Abstract Artist | Mixed Media
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Glasgow, Other artist, David Munroe, featuring abstract, abstract expressionism mixed media.

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