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L. Sagner Fine Art

    Lynne Sagner 27 July 1946 Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Watercolor -- Allegory (Realism)


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    Art that will make you smile.

Lynne Sagner Statement

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      I love painting people, especially performers in the midst of their "joy of creation." The performer you see here is a Brazilian dancer during Carnival in Rio, rendered in pastels.

      I also love depicting land- and sea-scapes, sea birds, flowers and animals. As well, I have a special series called "Fairies," pieces from which are bought by young and old. Basically I just love painting and the wonderful feel of paint, brush, paper and water together.

      I believe that every being is an artist in some way - whether it's with musical, culinary, mechanical, or other skills: the desire to create and communicate something beautiful is innate. I have the desire to bring this out in people as well as to admire those who've already achieved success in their chosen field. After all, "Art can be defined as the quality of communication." (L. Ron Hubbard)

    Lynne Sagner Contact Information

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      Lynne Sagner
      L. Sagner Fine Art

      1550 N. Verdugo Rd. #45
      Glendale, Ca, US 91208

      Home Phone: 818.543.3240
      Work Phone: 818.547.2050
      Fax: 818.545.8801


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    Created on: 08/31/1999
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

    Lynne Sagner | Watercolor | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Los Angeles, California artist, Lynne Sagner, featuring allegory, realism watercolor.

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