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Realistic Horse and animal grapite pencil drawings

    Christine A Twomey 1967 Lambertville, NJ, USA
    Drawing -- Wildlife (Realism)


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    Realistic Horse and animal graphite pencil drawings.

    In addition to Drawing Wildlife Realism artwork, Christine A Twomey also works in the following:
    Media: Graphite

Christine A Twomey Statement

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      Of all the artistic mediums available I prefer to work in pencil .Although I do occasionally work in color no other medium for me compares. Pencil has a timeless elegance, rich textures and values and the ability to capture incredible detail . I also love it for its simplicity and ease of use. Mobility is very important to me, with a 17 year old and a 4 year old in the house I need to be mobile. I tape my drawing to a sheet of acrylic, throw my pencils into a small basket with a handle and off I go. I can work anywhere, inside or out. and I can pick it up or put it down at a moments notice.

    Christine A Twomey Contact Information

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      Christine Twomey
      Christine Twomey Fine Art

      22 Belvidere Avenue
      Lambertville, Nj, US 08530

      Home Phone: 609-397-0781


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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 01/29/2007
    Updated on: 04/04/2007

    Christine A Twomey | Drawing | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Lambertville, New Jersey artist, Christine Twomey, featuring wildlife, realism drawing.

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