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Fine Art form Hornetnest Studios

    Brendan Clancy 1968---- New York City, NY, USA
    Painting -- Figure


Brendan Clancy My Art

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    This is a very peaceful work made with acrylic paint on plywood.

    In addition to Painting Figure artwork, Brendan Clancy also works in the following:
    Media: Wood

Brendan Clancy Statement

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      The artist's mentor D. Byng mentioned that when he needed to relax he would go to his studios and mix up the most soothing blue he could find, psint with that color until he felt relaxed enough to work with other colors.
      This is the artist's attempt at acheiving relaxation through creation.

    Brendan Clancy Contact Information

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      B. Clancy
      Hornetnest Studios

      Po Box 671
      Troy, Ny, US 12181-0671

      Work Phone: (518) 279-3912


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    Created on: 04/22/2000
    Updated on: 04/28/2004

    Brendan Clancy | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils New York City, New York artist, Brendan Clancy, featuring figure painting.

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