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Keister, Diane L.
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Multi-disciplinary > Feminine > Representational Expressionism

Created 11/11/1999
Updated 01/22/2007

Diane L. Keister's Art Gallery Sensuous Sensations 1 series
Abstract representational expressionism of sensual insights of female personal experiences, intermingling the physical and psychological.

Kelly, Gerard John
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Canada, Corner brook

Sculpture >

Created 03/16/2004
Updated 03/09/2006

Newfoundland Sculptor
Newfoundland marble, bronze, wood sculptures

Kemp, Rebecca Starr
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USA, New Hampshire, Salem

Acrylic Painting > Wildlife > Realism

Created 01/26/2000
Updated 03/15/2006

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Realistic wildlife and fantasy paintings and illustrations

Kessler, Glenn A.
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USA, New York, New York

Oil Painting > Mixed > Realism

Created 01/29/2001
Updated 05/15/2007

The Fine Art of Glenn A. Kessler
Featuring the finest in Contemporary Art: Nudes, Drawings, Oil Paintings and other fine art.

Kircher, Tucker
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USA, Florida, Boca Raton

Painting > Portraiture > Realism

Created 10/15/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Artistic Impressions in realisum, and Impressionisum, paintings in oil on canvas by TUCKER
Painting of a woman whose life is every girls dream, she's made the SOCIAL CLIMB

Knight, Laura T
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USA, California, sunland

Metal Sculpture > Feminine > Art Nouveau

Created 01/09/2009
Updated 02/06/2009

Iron Rhapsody
Extraordinary Sculptural Metal Relief of handcut sheet metal

Kohler, Melinda
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New Zealand, Golden Bay

Painting > Allegory > Abstract Expressionism

Created 07/04/2002
Updated 01/07/2004

Semi abstract paintings
colourful, expressive and unique in style

Kostet, Jukka
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Sculpture > Allegory > Contemporary

Created 09/12/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Hygiene Apparatus
collages, assemblages, sculptures and comics by finnish contemporary artist Jukka Kostet

Kostyal, Andrea
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USA, Georgia, Atlanta

Acrylic Painting > 20th Century > Abstract Expressionism

Created 03/25/2002
Updated 01/06/2004

Abstract Expressionism by Andrea Kostyal

Kotraseva, Natalia Lox
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Russia, Moscow

Painting > Occult > Expressionism

Created 05/08/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Mythological themes, dark fantasy art, expressionism.

Kraft, Lauri
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USA, Wyoming, Story

Drawing > Portraiture > Realism

Created 08/13/2002
Updated 01/07/2004

Lauri's Pencil Art
Original, freehand drawings using mixed media, of wildlife, pet and people portraits.

Kruijt, Marjolein
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The Netherlands, The Hague

Painting > Nature > Impressionism

Created 12/07/2000
Updated 03/14/2005

Celtic nature
On celtic music inspired oilpaintings using the (english) nature as a subject

Kunz, Philip
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USA, Washington, Seattle

Multi-disciplinary > Figure > Contemporary

Created 01/20/2005
Updated 12/11/2006

Philip Kunz
Dissolve & Congeal

Kuzich, John Richard
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USA, California, San Francisco

Acrylic Painting > Mixed > Contemporary

Created 09/08/2000
Updated 04/22/2010

An extensive gallerie of images from John
Highly versatile range of styles and mediums in painting, drawing & photography

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