Fishs Eddy, New York, Historic Craftsman Built Cabin for Sale by Owner - Home

Fishs Eddy Cabin, Fishs Eddy - New York Real Estate
Historic Craftsman Built Cabin / Home for Sale or Rent by Owner

Here is a one of a kind piece of real estate, a home / cabin for sale or rent by owner built from old forest pine, living structure created and realized by a high order Mason in Delaware County, Upstate New York near the East branch of the Delaware River. The wood has become like rock. Solidly founded, the original beams have also become like rock with detailed, built in furniture, created by skilled hands more than 50 years ago, that still looks like new.

If you have a vision of a private getaway, a vacation home, a bed and breakfast or an artists workshop find wonder in unusual and beautiful "bones" of a home you can realize this building's next life.

This home has been called a Zen artist's retreat, a sanctuary and a place out of time.

This was once a children's camp, and the energy of happy days and creative arts and hours can be felt.

When you walk into a home have you ever felt it was special, that some positive energy exists in it? This is one such structure.

This is not just a piece of real estate, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to own a piece of history, a piece of Upstate New York where you can use your creative visions and skill to fulfill your life and dreams.

Fishs Eddy, New York Real Estate - Home for sale or rent by owner - Historic Craftsman Built Cabin
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