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    Rick Minard 1968 PA, USA
    Painting -- Figurative Abstraction (Abstract Expressionism)


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    Woven Paintings and more by Rick Minard

Rick Minard Statement

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      Everything in existence is bound together by relationships.
      Random aspects relating to one another can break down and cause discord or unite to create new life. My work, on some level or another, conveys those relationships.

      My figurative paintings express through compositional relationships the subtle meanings and emotions communicated by the human form. The woven paintings add another element to the content.

      As I weave, I must decide which parts of each painting will show and which parts will not show. These decisions are the essence of what the paintings are about. As people in relationships we have to decide which parts of ourselves we are willing to sacrifice in order to hold our relationships together.

    Rick Minard Contact Information

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      Rick Minard
      214 North Stevens Street
      Shinglehouse, Pa, US 16748

      Home Phone: 814-697-6994

      Website: www.rjm-artist.com

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    Created on: 05/10/2006
    Updated on: 05/10/2006

    Rick Minard | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Pennsylvania artist, Rick Minard, featuring figurative abstraction, abstract expressionism painting.

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