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    Kumiko S. Mckee , Usa / Japan
    Oil Painting -- Figure (Contemporary)


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    Paintings exhibit a high level of detail with finely rendered figures and complicated patterns.

Kumiko S. Mckee Statement

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      Since moving to the United States from Japan, I have been more interested in Japanese culture and traditional art than when I was living in Japan. This interest has led to a series of paintings called "Koto" or "Old Capital City", which is based on classical Japanese culture. The KOTO series contain a series of Japanese cultural images that features themes from the world?s oldest novel, The Tale of Genji. The series uses classical techniques to create realistic images and symbolic forms. The Noh Mask series expresses intangible human feelings. I am also working on another series called "The Time on the Earth", which displays images that combine figures and nature to talk about time and changes on the Earth. Concerning the subjects of my paintings, I am mainly interested in figures, especially female figures. I think females are more emotional than males--they tend to express their feelings abundantly while men tend to hide them. I am particularly interested in faces and hands, which exhibit a variety of expressions. Human emotions and feelings are topics of spiritual territory. They are intangible, genuine; you cannot fake them, and they are limited by words. Those human feelings are mysterious to me and I am trying to express them in my paintings. German expressionists such as Ernst Kirchner or Emil Nolde distorted human figures to express strong feelings, but why should I distort shapes or lose the beauty to express feelings. In my art, I am experimenting how much I can express human feelings using realistic elements and my goal is to express strong emotions while maintaining beauty.

    Kumiko S. Mckee Contact Information

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      Kumiko S. McKee
      Kumiko S. McKee

      Golden Currant Blvd.
      Fort Collins, CO

      , Other

      Website: www.kumiko-art.com

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    Created on: 10/19/2004
    Updated on: 11/14/2005

    Kumiko S. Mckee | Oil Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils USA / Japan artist, Kumiko Mckee, featuring figure, contemporary oil painting.

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