oil painting, figure - realism by Jia Lu, Los Angeles, California, USA



    Jia Lu 3/14/54 Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Oil Painting -- Figure (Realism)


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    Contemporary realist figurative painting

    In addition to Oil Painting Figure Realism artwork, Jia Lu also works in the following:
    Media: Color

Jia Lu Statement

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      Jia Lu's work does not require weighty exegesis to make it intelligible. It belongs to a tradition of narrative, realistic art that speaks for itself. Clearly influenced by Buddhist philosophy and her Asian background as well as European symbolism, Jia Lu's style defies simple classification, but features women in archaic settings adorned in luxurious fabrics and jewelry.

    Jia Lu Contact Information

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      Geoffrey M K Bonnycastle
      Alius Corporation

      412 E. California Street, #A
      Arcadia, Ca, US 91007-3783

      Work Phone: 626 821-5361
      Fax: 626 826-1667

      Website: www.jialu.com

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    Created on: 08/05/1999
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

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