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Jayne Rose Fine Art & Design

    Jayne M. Rose 1958 Dixon, IL, USA
    Painting -- Mixed (Representational Expressionism)


Jayne M. Rose My Art

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    Bright saturated colors---no beige found here!

Jayne M. Rose Statement

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      My subjects are largely representational (with leanings towards impressionism) based on observations of my surroundings, in landscapes, florals, and human studies. I paint in saturated color with heavy emphasis on light, color, and shadows. My digital camera and I are on the constant prowl for early morning or late afternoon shadows. The lush florals I create in both still lifes and landscapes come from my own gardens and those who live around me. Living in the Midwest gives me plenty of subjects, from rural to city scenes.

    Jayne M. Rose Contact Information

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      Jayne M. Rose
      Jayne Rose Fine Art & Design

      8230 S. Green Street
      Village of Grand Detour

      Dixon, Il, US 61021

      Home Phone: 815-652-3594
      Work Phone: 815-652-3594

      Website: www.jaynerose.com

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    Created on: 03/19/2005
    Updated on: 03/19/2005

    Jayne M. Rose | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Dixon, Illinois artist, Jayne Rose, featuring mixed, representational expressionism painting.

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