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Holy Outsider/Visonary/Folk/Pop ART BatMan! Lets take a look!

    Heather M Brown-Truman 1969 Portland, OR, USA
    Furniture -- Mixed (Naive)


Heather M Brown-Truman My Art

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    Outsider/Visonary/Folk/Pop/Inspirational/Decorative/Functional and Childrens ART!

    In addition to Furniture Mixed Naive artwork, Heather M Brown-Truman also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media
    Styles: Misc.

Heather M Brown-Truman Statement

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      I paint in a folk/pop/outsider/abstract/satirical/whimsical way. I have a hard time with labels. In my studio I have art for your inner you, your kids, your home, art for your office, for friends and family. Worldwide shipping, one on one customer service, you will be talking directly to me. I can personally guarantee your satisfaction, no middleman, a no questions asked return policy, lower costs, professional shipping and the kind of service you would expect from a high priced gallery, only better.
      All works come with Certificates of Authenticity. I am an internationally collected artist, who has recently decided to self-represent. My work is in private collections all over the United States as well as in: Japan, Germany, France, and now Holland. My work will make you smile, and sometimes make you think. Please take a moment to check out what?s new at my family friendly web site.
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    Heather M Brown-Truman Contact Information

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 03/09/2004
    Updated on: 03/09/2004

    Heather M Brown-Truman | Furniture | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Portland, Oregon artist, Heather Brown-Truman, featuring mixed, naive furniture.

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