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Diane Tremblay Spiritual artist

    Diane Tremblay 1957-not yet :) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Acrylic Painting -- Spiritual (Symbolism)


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    style goes from Spiritualism symbolism to fantasy surrealism

    In addition to Acrylic Painting Spiritual Symbolism artwork, Diane Tremblay also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Diane Tremblay Statement

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      My style, even though I don't like to label things, goes from expressionist-symbolism to spiritualism-surrealism . I wish to create and bring to life deep feelings and emotions on my canvases. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of human experiences.

      As an example , my painting http://dianeart.com/egg.html ( La vie a l'arrivee - The end of life ) I had just learned that my mother had cancer, it touched me so much and made me think about life. If you take a good look at this picture you will find a lot of symbols expressing my feelings at that time. . If you look attentively at the composition, you'll notice that it's in shape of a big "8", the symbol of infinity. For I believe life goes on for ever, it continues with your soul and in those that you left behind the ones you have influenced. That's why I have put a print of a hand (in yellow) behind the principal hand, it's a reference to the printed hands in the prehistoric caves. it reflects a shadow of what was left to humanity. As you can see, my paintings are very symbolic, therefore you need time to study them . my pictures are usually reflecting thoughts, feelings, and meditation... For me the purpose of my art it's not just for the beauty of it, it's even more for say something.

      Diane Tremblay

    Diane Tremblay Contact Information

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 11/04/2004
    Updated on: 11/19/2004

    Diane Tremblay | Acrylic Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Montreal, Canada artist, Diane Tremblay, featuring spiritual, symbolism acrylic painting.

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