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Realistic Wildlife Paintings in Watercolour

    Bonnie J Latham Jackson, WY, USA
    Watercolor -- Wildlife (Realism)


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    Realistic wildlife paintings in watercolour by Bonnie Latham.

Bonnie J Latham Statement

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      Bonnie Latham (age 20) began her art career at a very young age. Inspired by her family and their love of the outdoors, she paints nature, landscape, animals, birds, and the occasional portrait. She works in watercolour, acrylic, oil, inks, graphite/charcoal and others, however watercolours have become her mediums of choice.

      Bonnie won the Federal Junior Duck Stamp competition for 2000-2001 and has been honored in Washington, DC, both in June, 2000 for the first day of sale and stamp signing ceremony and the awards presentation in November, 2000. Bonnie has entered the Minnesota Junior Duck Stamp Competition 5 times, winning a second place and 2 first places as well as the Best of Show.
      "The balance of nature is so delicate. I only hope that through my paintings more people will realize that, unless we do our part, nature won't be here for us to enjoy. I enjoy helping wildlife and nature programs in any way I can."
      " It's important to see not just the animal, but also it?s habitat: the twigs, grass, moss, etc. I try to bring these things into my studio."
      In the years 2000-2001 her work was exhibited at numerous galleries and events across the country including the Smithsonian Institute, Wings and Water Festival, National Wildlife Museum, Dept. of the Interior in Washington, DC, and others nation wide.

      She and her family were featured guests on Ron Schara's ?Minnesota Bound? on NBC affiliate KARE 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2001. They have been featured artists at the Frances Jacques Master exhibit at the James Ford Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota. They have also been featured on the ?Environmental Journal?, a cable TV program promoting environmental issues supported by the Minnesota lottery, beginning in May 2001.

      Bonnie also won the 2001 Minnesota State Fish art contest and went on to win third place and People's Choice nationally. The contest is sponsored by Wildlife Forever.

      In 2001 her work was featured at the Wings and Water Festival in southern New Jersey along with her family's artwork. The family of artists were juried into the show and showed their work at the Federal Duck Stamp exhibitors' area. In 2002, they also attended the Florida Invitational Wildlife Art Expo.

    Bonnie J Latham Contact Information

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      Bonnie Latham
      Latham Studios

      11203 Saint Croix Trail South
      Hastings, Mn, US 55033

      Work Phone: 438-9944


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    Created on: 01/20/2004
    Updated on: 01/20/2004

    Bonnie J Latham | Watercolor | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Jackson, Wyoming artist, Bonnie Latham, featuring wildlife, realism watercolor.

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