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    Beverly J. Hattaway 1953 Malad City, ID, USA


Beverly J. Hattaway My Art

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    Moody lack of detail in back grounds leans works towards minimalistic view of life.

    In addition to Symbolism artwork, Beverly J. Hattaway also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Beverly J. Hattaway Statement

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      Contrary to other artists in the gallery, this work is moody, often shadowed, with an air of minimalistic fragrance. Everyday occurances and people become a visual statement of color and technique depicting a sense of some emotional state. Clowns with hauntingly innocent faces, children gazing with wonderment, or the elderly thinking of the past all become frozen in time on the canvas.

    Beverly J. Hattaway Contact Information

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      Beverly J. Hattaway
      Sister Simpatico Gallery of Arts

      924 N. 300 E.
      Malad City, Id, US 83252

      Home Phone: 208-766-5233
      Work Phone: 208-766-5233
      Fax: 208-766-5233


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    Created on: 09/14/2004
    Updated on: 09/14/2004

    Beverly J. Hattaway | _Blank | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Malad City, Idaho artist, Beverly Hattaway, featuring symbolismart.

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