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Abstract Expressionism by Andrea Kostyal

    Andrea Kostyal 1980 Atlanta, GA, USA
    Acrylic Painting -- 20th Century (Abstract Expressionism)


Andrea Kostyal My Art

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    In addition to Acrylic Painting 20th Century Abstract Expressionism artwork, Andrea Kostyal also works in the following:
    Media: Charcoal

Andrea Kostyal Statement

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      I paint expressive color abstract geometric forms along the lines of my interest and expertise in textiles. My favorite materials in collage technique are colored paper, pieces of wood and plastic glued onto the canvas. My fascination with nature resides in the colors that I choose. Emotion, integrity, honesty and power of expression are my keywords. I paint what I feel, but I enjoy calculation and computation as well. I am strongly convinced that art is not just any activity - it is the most important expression of sincere purity of body, soul and mind. One should look at child drawings and paintings as the most pregnant examples of art - they are direct and true. In my art i try to combine and reconcile strivings of the body and aspirations of the mind. This clash is the birthplace of abstract expressionism.

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    Created on: 03/25/2002
    Updated on: 01/06/2004

    Andrea Kostyal | Acrylic Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Atlanta, Georgia artist, Andrea Kostyal, featuring 20th century, abstract expressionism acrylic painting.

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