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Oil Painting Commissions

Creative Collaboration: "I absolutely love oil painting commissions. It's a creative collaboration. Commissioned oil paintings are fun and it's rewarding for both the artist and the collector. You pick the subject, I do the painting."

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How to Commission an Original Oil Painting by Art James West

Prices of my oil painting commissions are based on square inch and complexity, the same as my non-commission paintings.

Contact Art for a quote.

Art's Guarantee.
If upon receipt of your commissioned painting you are not completely satisified then return it for a full refund (minus the deposit and return shipping). If you don't love your commissioned painting somebody else will.

What Art needs from you:

1. Subject. Your ideas come first. Here are some suggestions.

Vacation spot
Your home or family homestead or house
Your hometown or favorite childhood spot
Favorite photographs

NOTE: And although it helps, great photos do not necessarily make great paintings. Even mediocre photos can make great paintings. If you have a lousy photo that brings back a special memory don't hesitate to share it. Of course, if you have a great photo all the better. And if you have no photo at all, just an idea, that's okay too. Part of being a visionary painter is "making it up". Although reference helps, its not essential.

2. Regarding Fair Use: Art does not copy the work of other artists. However, in certain situations fair use may apply. This is something that would require discussion as copyright law can be rather complex.

3. Size and dimensions. It's important to know where your painting will hang. Best to be sure the painting will fit before it arrives. Get out your ruler. Mostly Art does his large original oils on "gallery-wrap" canvas so it's suitable to hang without a frame. However should you decide to frame later make sure your space will be large enough to do so.

4. Color Scheme. Often people have favorite colors or combinations of colors. Let's keep yours in mind. You may have a subject you love but a different color scheme in mind based on your décor. The goal is to create a painting with you in mind.

5. Deposit. To commence painting Art requires a 1/2 non-refundable deposit.

Please take a look at Art's sample contract below. It will be custom-tailored to suit your project as needed and until both parties agree.

Contact Art to get started!

Sample Contract for a Commissioned Oil Painting


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      Original Oil Painting Commissions by Art James West

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