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- Bushnell
Wenger, Eric P.
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USA, South Dakota, Bushnell

Metal > Figure > Expressionism

Created 05/17/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

E.W.MetalWorks & Artworks

A NEW direction in Artwork in metal.

+ Calgary
+ Cambridge
+ Cape Cod
+ Carlsbad
+ Casper
+ Catanzaro
+ Catonsville
+ Centreville
+ Champaign
+ Chicago
+ Chisinau
+ Christchurch
+ Clallam Bay
+ Clarksville
+ Cleveland
+ Corner brook
+ Courtenay
+ Cuprija
+ Dallas
+ Decatur
+ Denver
+ Dixon
+ Dublin
+ Dunfermline
+ East Stroudsburg
+ Encino
+ Escondido
+ Fall River

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Find Artists by City | International Artist Directory
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