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The Original Fine Art of Art James West (a.k.a. Alan Heuer)

Whimsical Colorful Visionary

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    Art's big original oil paintings are generally on stretched canvas, his small paintings are on high-quality canvas paper (generally 8x10 or smaller), and his acrylic paintings on masonite panels.

    For prints visit Art's website on Fine Art America.

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    With a few exceptions Art's large oil paintings come stretched on a gallery wrap canvas ready to hang on your wall.


    If you see an original oil painting or fine art print already sold that you would like as an original please
    Contact Art for an Original Encore Painting


    Art West does commissions. A great creative collaboration between the artist and art collector.
    Find out more about commissions.


    When you discover an original you love
    Contact Art West for availlability and arrangements, or to commission an original or encore original. Paypal accepted.

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New Mexico Artist Alan Heuer

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