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"A Wee Bit O Green"
by Art James West

8" x 10" oil on paper


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      Colors are like people, some compliment each other and some fight. Red and green compliment each other as in my painting "A Wee Bit O' Green" by Art West, oils 8x10".

      I could explain why the compliment each other which has to do with waves and particles and physics and such, but most are just happy to know that they do. And I like that they do and enjoy sharing it in paint.

      But, it's not just about the BADass color, it's also about
      the design of the thing. As with much of my current work A Wee Bit O' Green began with a photograph. But, as with most photographs, not all the objects are ideally placed, so I move things around, at least a wee bit of perfect harmony.

      And who decides what's ideal? The artist? Aesthetics? Mathematics? Yes. All of the above. The design of a picture plane is like the strings on a violin. If you put your fingers in the right place you find joy, otherwise you find noise. I'm not after noise. I'm after joy. Plenty of the former in the world. Who needs more of that!

      For now, I like to divide the picture plane into fifths just as you would a string on a violin to achieve harmony. In this painting, the green Chrysler sits on the bottom fifth exactly in the middle of the painting left to right. Not exactly the best spot. Halves are not as interesting as fifths. However, there is a frame within the picture, specifically, the large tree on the left and the traffic sign on the right. The Chrysler sits two fifths to the right of the tree and three fifths to the left of the arrow. And balance is achieved. Sort of, it's also defeated by the arrow pointing out of the picture which adds tension.

      And there's more, but that's up to the viewer to discover, i.e. the placement of the shadow underneath the Chrysler, the placement of the pole to the right of the tree, the telephone wire, the movement of the branches towards the Chrysler, the line at the bottom right moving the eye up then over to the edge of the red sidewalk marching upward to the Chrysler. None of it random and yet seemingly random.

      It's all part of PainTing BADass color in the ABQ! And in this case, a great green Chrysler on a side street in Nob Hill.

      About the Artist:

      Art James West - "Art West"
      Contemporary Southwest Art - Art West and Beyond

      Arthur James West (a.k.a. Alan Heuer) has been painting the West for over 40 years. In 2000 he moved to Taos, New Mexico where he established himself as a Taos Icon and post modernist following in the tradition of the Taos School. In 2006 he won best representational painting at the Taos Fall Arts Festival "Taos Invites Taos" (now the "Taos Select").

      In 2013 he took on the professional name Arthur James West (Art West) and moved his studio to Santa Fe.

      Originally from Wyoming, Art West is and listed in The Artist's Bluebook as Alan Heuer.

      When in Santa Fe you may visit Art West's studio @ the Plaza Mercado, Suite 109, 112 W. San Francisco Street right off Santa Fe Plaza

      For purchasing information and availabity contact Art West.

      About Art West's Oil Paintings:

      I use only the finest oil paints (Grumbacher pre-tested) and stretched fine art canvas and paper. I use Canson's Fine Art Canva-Paper for my small original oil paintings, milled in France for over 500 years and used by both Van Gogh and Picaso. It has a nicely textured surface. Although no absolute guarantee can be given as to longevity, I have followed to the best of my knowledge, as outlined by Ralph Mayer in his treatise to artists via long-standing master painter principals, those principals that best ensure an oil painting's ability to stand against the ravages of time.

      This is not a knock-off. This is an original piece of fine art done using my own reference materials and techniques. My painting style is not based upon that of any other artist, living or dead, but is the culmination of years of study, experimentation and practice.

      All artwork on this website is subject to copyright and may not be copied for any reason without express permission of the artist.

    Original Oil Painting for Sale | Southwest Representational | A Wee Bit O Green
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