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Digital Aardvarks

    Donna S Kuhn 1959 Taos, NM, USA
    Mixed Media -- Allegory (Abstract Expressionism)


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    abstract expressionist big-eyed portraits

Donna S Kuhn Statement

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      Donna Kuhn is a visual and video artist, poet, author and dancer who recently relocated to Taos, New Mexico. Her visual art has been described as whimsical, playful, mysterious, poetic, sad and haunting. Influences include Picasso, Dubuffet, Klee and Kandinsky. A few of her poetry books and chapbooks include her own illustrations. She has been widely published and exhibited both on and offline, at art centers, galleries, film festivals and in print and online journals.

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 01/11/2010
    Updated on: 01/27/2015

    Donna S Kuhn | Mixed Media | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Taos, New Mexico artist, Donna Kuhn, featuring allegory, abstract expressionism mixed media.

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