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    Marianne Kr Mölgård 1953 Skärblacka, Sweden
    Acrylic Painting -- Portraiture (Realism)


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    Swedish fine artist, acrylic, watercolor, drawings portraits, landscape, animal and more

Marianne Kr Mölgård Statement

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      I, Marianne Mölgård, was born Oct. 20, 1953 and raised in a little village called Kimstad, about 15 km from Norrköping in the state Östergötland, Sweden. I attended school in Skarblacka and Finspaang, graduating in 1971 as a secretary. I worked in different offices in the neighborhood for about 15 years as a secretary and drew technical constructions for the factory business, landscape, gardens, architect drawings. I went to Afternoons classes in oil, watercolor and nude drawing ( Kroki ).

      For a ten-year period I studied with the artist Börje Elwi Carlsson, who was born in Denmark, living in Sweden, Helsingborg. Börje is a famous Artist, who graduated with a Gold medal in many European countries. The last 5 years she has taught acrylic, watercolor and drawing, charcoal, for several afternoon-classes. She and her students have had several public Art exhibitions, one in Söderköping Museum, 1997 ( tree miles south from Norrköping) Sank Ragnhilds Gille.

      I draw/paint portrait, landscape, animal or customer's favorite object, from photographs, in different media, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, drawing. Drawing and painting have always followed my life. Some periods more and some less. Portrait is my passion. Over the years I have worked in oil, acrylic, drawing, watercolor-paintings, charcoal drawings. I prefer to work in Acrylic. Acrylic has many advantages--dryness no chemicals, no smell. My passion for Watercolor is the freshness. It's easy to have in hand. Just lovely colors. Charcoal drawings give's me wonderful challenges of the gray scale. Always in my bag.

      My first work of art was when I was only 1 years old. One Sunday morning I sat on the kitchen table drawing on the wall with my mum's red lipstick. Just imagine the praise I got from my parents when they woke up. Maybe this is why I got the interested in Art painting. :-)

      Marianne Mölgård

    Marianne Kr Mölgård Contact Information

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      Marianne Mölgård Kr Mölgård

      Centralgatan 5 A
      Skärblacka, , Other 617 30-se

      Home Phone: 0461158896


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    Updated on: 08/22/2011

    Marianne Kr Mölgård | Acrylic Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Skärblacka, Sweden artist, Marianne Mölgård, featuring portraiture, realism acrylic painting.

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