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    Paul S.P. Holbrecht 1964 Zottegem, Belgium (Europe)
    Sculpture -- Allegory (Neo-Primitivism)


Paul S.P. Holbrecht My Art

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    Creating unique and original sculptures in stone and other materials.

    In addition to Sculpture Allegory Neo-Primitivism artwork, Paul S.P. Holbrecht also works in the following:
    Genres: Urban
    Styles: Misc.

Paul S.P. Holbrecht Statement

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      For me it's the ultimate challenge to create original and unique artwork out of a block of stone. It's some kind of magic how every piece of rock contains its own "biggest possible" sculpture inside, you 'just' have to remove the rest of the stone which you don't need for your sculpture!
      From all the other diciplines in art I tried and practiced in my life, drawing, painting, engraving, lettering, I guess sculpting stone is the most physically hard labour I've ever done. Therefore it's important to practice it every possible day.

    Paul S.P. Holbrecht Contact Information

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      Paul Holbrecht
      H.P. Sculptures

      Zwalmstraat 2
      Zottegem, , Other 9620

      Home Phone: 00 32 55 497 982


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    Created on: 08/26/2007
    Updated on: 08/26/2007

    Paul S.P. Holbrecht | Sculpture | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Zottegem, Belgium (Europe) artist, Paul Holbrecht, featuring allegory, neo-primitivism sculpture.

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