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    Aine Scannell 1957 Dunfermline, Scotland
    Printmaking -- Figure (Contemporary)


Aine Scannell My Art

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    CONTEMPORARY artist using research and imagination to invent and create printmaking installations and artists' books

    In addition to Printmaking Figure Contemporary artwork, Aine Scannell also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Aine Scannell Statement

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      I use drawing and the computer in about equal measure in the process of creating my artworks. I may use found images from the Internet or other printed or broadcast media. Found objects as well ? these feature more in installation works that I additionally make. While I was in Spain conducting studies I came more into contact with printmaking and began to realize that this was the ?right? area of the fine arts for me. I am fundamentally a graphic artist, in the true sense of the word. I make work about "being" or as Milan Kundera so beautifully expressed it "the incredible lightness of being". I explore the senses.. we are really quite fragile beings and only here for a short while. From obsessive-compulsive disorders and the deepest darkest of nighttime fears I may then go on to explore the madness of secret identities within the "close bonds" of the family, to finally, the lingering "id", that may hover within stem cells in a Petri dish in the laboratory.

    Aine Scannell Contact Information

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      Aine Scannell

      3 Whinhill,
      Dunfermlinel, Scotland KY11 4YZ

      Home Phone: 01383727873
      Work Phone: 01383727873
      Fax: n/a


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    Created on: 11/09/2006
    Updated on: 12/25/2014

    Aine Scannell | Printmaking | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Dunfermline artist, Aine Scannell, featuring figure, contemporary printmaking.

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