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    Kerry Milligan Ottawa, Ontario, USA
    Painting (Expressionism)


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    Abstract and representational paintings of landscape and botanical themes in watercolor, oil, and acrylic.

    In addition to Painting Expressionism artwork, Kerry Milligan also works in the following:
    Media: Acrylic Painting, Collage, Digital Art, Oil Painting, Painting, Pastel, Pencil, Photography, Watercolor
    Genres: None
    Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism, Realism, Representational, Representational Abstraction, Representational Expressionism, Visionary

Kerry Milligan Statement

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      I enjoy painting abstract, botanical and landscape images using various mediums and techniques. I'm always changing mediums and sometimes the subject matter. My abstract paintings are inspired by nature's endless arrangements of line, color, forms found in gardens, landscapes, water scenery, and also the Wide Field Camera images of galaxies and star explosions. My landscape paintings have been exhibited in Canada and the United States. I created the landscape series by exploring different ways of portraying land forms through simplified compositions and color combinations. The prairie landscapes, the California valleys, and the colorful southwest landscape in New Mexico are some of the locations that inspired my compositions.

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    Created on: 01/07/2003
    Updated on: 03/01/2015

    Kerry Milligan | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Ottawa, artist, Kerry Milligan, featuring expressionism painting.

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