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    Jim Fogarty 1960 Orkney, United Kingdom
    Drawing -- Mixed (Realism)


Jim Fogarty My Art

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    If it isn't highly detailed - I probably didn't do it!

    In addition to Drawing Mixed Realism artwork, Jim Fogarty also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media

Jim Fogarty Statement

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      I am a bit of a detail 'junky'. I like to be able to look at a picture from a distance and it look completely right - and then be able to look really close and see the real detail. If you can look at a picture time and time again and still notice something you missed before - that to me is real art.

    Jim Fogarty Contact Information

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      Jim Fogarty
      Jim Fogarty Graphics

      Cletts, Eastside
      South Ronaldsay

      Orkney, , Other KW17 2TJ

      Home Phone: (+44) 01856 831741
      Work Phone: (+44) 01856 831741

      Website: www.jimfogarty.co.uk

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    Created on: 04/13/2006
    Updated on: 04/13/2006

    Jim Fogarty | Drawing | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Orkney, United Kingdom artist, Jim Fogarty, featuring mixed, realism drawing.

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