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    John Richard Kuzich 4/20/41 San Francisco, CA, USA
    Acrylic Painting -- Mixed (Contemporary)


John Richard Kuzich My Art

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    Highly versatile range of styles and mediums in painting, drawing & photography

    In addition to Acrylic Painting Mixed Contemporary artwork, John Richard Kuzich also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media
    Styles: Misc.

John Richard Kuzich Statement

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      My love of color and design - of textures and patterns, and the need to experiment with different mediums,
      may often mask the deeper issues behind my work. For me, the expression of an artistic concept/subject (in an appropriate style and medium), is more critical than establishing a fixed personal style.

    John Richard Kuzich Contact Information

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      John R Kuzich
      350 Townsend Street
      San Francisco, Ca, US 94107

      Work Phone: 415-543-3270


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    Created on: 09/08/2000
    Updated on: 04/22/2010

    John Richard Kuzich | Acrylic Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils San Francisco, California artist, John Kuzich, featuring mixed, contemporary acrylic painting.

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