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    Eleanor P Hartwell 7/17/65 Wilmot, NH, USA
    Mixed Media -- Equine (Illustration)


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    Horses Hounds Hunting, Carved and painted ostrich eggs, woven horsehair baskets, logog, illustrations

    In addition to Mixed Media Equine Illustration artwork, Eleanor P Hartwell also works in the following:
    Media: Color

Eleanor P Hartwell Statement

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      I try all sorts of different types of crafts and painting styles. I carve and paint ostrich eggs, all with an animal motif, no two are ever the same. Last winter was long and cold, and I spun out five beaded horsehair baskets, and I plan on doing more when the snow begins to fly again, definatly a winter project! I paint, mostly with watercolors, and am doing some illustrations for a childrens book, for which we need a publisher! Plus some fantasy types of paintings of horses (mostly) in both oil and watercolor. I enjoy during the depths of winter to get down with little fussy projcts like beadwork, stuffed animal things and soft sculpture with lots of buttons and beads. My main focus to date, however, has been horses, hounds and hunting, and I have done a lot of commissioned work around that, including individual maps of the Millbrook Hunt Country. Not on my webpage, however. Please feel free to come and look, and perhaps to order, and definatly to enjoy!

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    Created on: 08/26/1999
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

    Eleanor P Hartwell | Mixed Media | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Wilmot, New Hampshire artist, Eleanor Hartwell, featuring equine, illustration mixed media.

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